Friday, February 16, 2007

I've Got That Digging Feeling

After joining the social bookmark site Digg in September 2006 it suddenly became a lot easier to find cool stuff on the web. Sure you can use Google and search for your chosen topic and you'll be on your way, than YouTube came and finding music videos and in some cases TV shows and Movies were split up into ten parts. This made life inconvenient if you set up a couch in your computer room and got comfortable watching the latest episode of than suddenly you'd have to get off your buttocks and click Part 2 and repeat process 3 through 10. (Now there's QuickList so it doesn't apply as much.)

OK, whoa! Went a bit off topic there. What I'm trying to say is Digg in it's latest rendition has made life a whole lot easier when wanting to catch up with current events, whacky news, humorous videos, the latest celebrity caught on tape doing somthing they will later regret and now podcasts of which Diggnation is unsurprisingly the most popular amongst Digg members.

I've been using it fairly frequently for about a month now and there are some topics that seem to come up more often than others. Apple Inc, Atheism as well as people being PWNED (see Wikipedia, although if you are reading this I'd say you are familiar) are common topics. Which suits me fine because I enjoy Apple's products and would probably change to Mac if I could afford it. But I like the odd play around and until PC games are playable on Mac I will likely not be changing. And atheism is great to hear about, especially Dawkins who pretty much PWNS (see above) the people he debates.

So I decided i would try my hand at scouting the internet for something that might go popular and make the front page of Digg. My first attempt about a month ago didn't go so well. It was a satire of Michael Moore's corporate headquarter confrontation tactics and it's currentlt sitting on 2 diggs which includes my initial Digg submission point. I was quite discouraged.

Than it came to me that you need something either really interesting, something that hasn't been done or something universal. So I scoured YouTube for the comedians of my homeland: John Safran, The Chaser Boys and Shaun Micallef. I found some material from the first two but it had already been submitted to Digg and become quite popular. Well I finally found a clip that might be of interest and hadn't already been submitted before. It was an old Micallef sketch from his great television series.

So here is the result. My submitted Digg article. As of submission it had 175 diggs. Click below to see how many it has now. It feels pretty good to make the front page.

The Unspoken Rules of Holding the Door for someone

And here's the video direct that got me on the front page.

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