Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Audioslave - Revelations

Being a dedicated fan of Rage Against the Machine and one eyed supporter of microphone fiend Zach de la Rocha it was going to take a long time for me to accept new vocalist Chris Cornell. Audioslave's first two albums went by and I never bought them from the CD store, while not thinking twice with RATM. Don't get me wrong I still loved such great songs as Like a Stone and Show Me How to Live and there are some others as well but 5 September came around and I was browsing the iTunes Music Store at 1am and noticed Revelations was out. Original Fire, their first single from the album was ok so I thought I'd give the full album a try and I haven't regreted it.

I'm not going to go giving it a review for at least a month though because I need to get an appreciation for the music and lyrics. Car stereo play, iPod airtime and the time I'm on the computer listening to it will where I place my judgement. First impressions are wonderful though. So far standouts for me are Revelations, Moth, Until we Fall and Shape of Things to Come. There's also a great live version of Show Me How to Live recorded at the Quartz Festival wherever that is that comes with the iTunes version. But really who can ignore the legendary guitar sounds of Tom Morello. Give it a go if you like alternative rock and want your ears drums to vibrate to a standout sound.

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