Wednesday, September 13, 2006

iTV, new iPods and movies for iTunes Store

If you are a fan of those nifty little things called iPods as well as the great user interface that is iTunes store head over to Apple for the "It's Showtime" keynote. Included are many cool announcements and watching it is all part of the fun. You need Quicktime to play it as well.

The two big announcements of the keynote were iTV and the addition of movies to the iTunes store. The movies and television being sold are still very exclusive to the USA store but Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple will "hopefully be going international in 2007" so that is a glimmer of hope to say the least. iTunes 7 was also released today so head over to the Apple website to get the latest edition of iTunes. A really cool thing in the latest rendition of iTunes is the ability to retrive cover art for any album you have even if you haven't bought it from the store.

I'm pretty excited about all of this. On Thursday Nintendo will most likely be announcing the launch date, price and launch lineup for it's new console Wii so stay tuned as i will have all that info for you here as I find out about it.

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