Friday, June 06, 2008

Web Comic Roundup

I'm not much of a comic lover. I never got around to any serious comic reading apart from the odd Mad Magazine here and there. With dwindling attention spans web comics which mostly consist of around 3 panels that get to the point straight away are a lot easier to digest than epic Phantom comic tomes of yesteryear. Web comics have reignited my passion for casual perusal of selected comics on the internet. Here is a roundup of some of the comics I've been reading lately:

A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language is the self-description of xkcd on it's website. The comic has a variety of topics it satirizes and makes fun of and a lot of that is based on pop culture but random content is often used. xkcd is the darling of the web community Digg with comic posts getting dugg on the website quite often.

Theater Hopper is a flat out comedic look at the current films in cinemas through the eyes of two movie goers. It is also distributed in the blog I really enjoy the blog due to it's essays and reviews on the movies they are featuring which really complements the comic.

Press Play Comic is a new kid on the block. It's only been around for a month or so but I think it's doing great things. Taking Theater Hopper's lead it makes fun of all things movies and does so in an amusing way. I see great things for this comic.

Please tell me if you have any recommendations because I am new to the web comic craze and comics like the ones above have left me wanting for more.


  1. hi ,i did a search for the a web comic books and this articel came up i looked at youre sights ,did you make them or arent they yours? but funny hahaahahha lol have you seen the simpson comic books i used too read them but,not anymore i was achtualy lookin for them you shuold type about that in your next story please.bye from mikey

  2. Hey Ant!

    I never read web comics myself, unless referred to by Digg of course. Nice selection there... mite have to check some of those mofos out me thinks!

  3. Hey Mikey. Didn't mind the Simpsons comics. Actually read a few issues. Post was mostly about web comics though. But thanks for the input. Nicew work as usual @.

  4. hi again ,thanks you for mesaging back to me ,yes but the simpson comics were on the world wide web i saw them for myself you had photos of homer and marg and that so i think should it should count becuase its web comics...bye from mikey again lolz