Monday, July 21, 2008

Updates in TV Land - New Season News

A few notes of interest to make your tongues wag. Curb Your Enthusiasm has been confirmed for a seventh season, with a rumoured Woody Allen story arc. Entourage will premiere Season 5 on HBO on September 11 with the return of a previously unpopular character. Family Guy will also be gracing us with it's presence for a seventh season in '08. Flight of the Conchords will be returning January 2009 so we can all make a song and dance about it. Bender's Game is the title of the latest Futurama straight-to-DVD movie and it looks to be a fun take on Dungeons and Dragons. The third season of Heroes titled Heroes: Villains will premiere September 22, 2008. A fourth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is most definetely in the works and will be released into the wild September 18, 2008. Additional good news for Sunny fans. FX has ordered an additional 39 episodes on top of the 13 already ordered for Season 4. Great news methinks! Scrubs is back for Season 8 but on a different network but the bad news is that Zach Braff may be leaving at the conclusion of the eighth.

Another TV Show that may be coming down our tubes is Boldly Going Nowhere. From the creators of It's Awlays Sunny in Philadelphia, the show will be a mix of comedy and sci-fi and will contain the day to day life of an intergalactic spaceship controlled by a rogue captain. Looking forward to that one.

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  1. Fantastic news about Larry! Still pretty sure there's like another season after this one confirmed also.

    Heard about Zach leaving Scrubs... pretty sure that will spell the end of it... riiite? Actually I'm still meaning to start watching the damn show... i'm now Seven seasons behind!

    And Boldly Going Nowhere sounds crap. Yes I realise I've not heard or seen of it but I'm gunna still simply re-judge it based on my fear of opening up to the unknown or anything new. Now write more about Family Guy... i'm familiar with that! :)