Thursday, October 13, 2011

Keeping Track of Watched TV Shows & Movies and Plan What To Watch - Updated for 2011 Edition

I posted this as a comment to a previous blog post of mine that was getting a lot of traffic

Geez, well an update by way of comment to this post from the original poster. Re-reading over this I can't believe how much the current services that I use for what I was describing in this post do exactly what I wanted when I wrote the post. This is by far the most visited page on a blog where most of the other pages aren't visited.

My solutions these days that work perfectly for what I need and are free and don't require invites:

As mentioned above by a commenter:

For TV Show tracking and upcoming episode views and a fairly decent, growing community.


For checking off movies and some excellent functionality with regards to popular lists of top movies around the net that you can check off.

And a bonus, fun website for passionate movie lovers who want to have a bit of fun ranking their movies into which ones are their favourites by having face/off matches between your favourite movies. It also keeps track really well of which movies you haven't seen and organizes them into a ranked list of best to worst as voted by the Flickchart community.

And of course if you don't know about IMDb by now you aren't much of a movie lover, but there is an equivalent television show and episode database that I use and find the best called TheTVDB. You can find the link below:

So there you have it. I hope this little summary helps those of you who travel through here looking for solutions to a problem I had in April 11, 2008 that there are now sufficient and exceeding solutions for. If you know of any more that you use and love keep the comments coming.

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