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Upcoming TV Show Slate with Renewal News

ANT (Anthony’s Network of Television)

I made this television show slate for my own entertainment purposes but I thought it might come in handy for people looking for information on season renewals and general need to know news about some of my favourite shows which could come in handy for other fans. Especially those who just want a bulk of useful information in the one place. In other words people too lazy to go out and find the most important tidbits of information. I organized the shows into channels by order of my viewing importance. ANT1 is my first preference, ANT2 second & ANT3 third. Even though I do like all the shows.

Enjoy and I hope in comes in useful for some people.


The Big Bang Theory - On January 12, 2011, CBS announced that the show has been renewed for an additional three years, extending it through the 2013–2014 season.

Entourage - Entourage was renewed for an eighth and final season containing eight episodes which premiered on July 24, 2011. A film is tentatively planned after the series ends.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Eighth season just aired. Larry David said to be feeling positive after finishing making the season as opposed to previous seasons.

Arrested Development - Despite its cancellation, the series has developed a devoted fanbase and cult following. A script is currently under development for a movie adaptation of Arrested Development. The main cast of the TV series will reprise their roles. A prequel to the movie television season is also planned. Each episode is said to focus on an individual character as a way to get around the actors' busy schedules. Netflix and Hulu are said to be interested in purchasing rights to the new season.

Family Guy - In 2008, it was announced that the series had been renewed through at least 2012, for a tenth season. It was also announced in 2010 that the series had been renewed in syndication through at least 2015.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - On August 6, 2011, FX renewed It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for an eighth and ninth season, with an option for a tenth.

Louie - It was announced on August 6, 2011, that Louie was renewed for a third season of 13 episodes.

South Park - To quell rumors caused by the mid-season finale "You're Getting Old" that the fifteenth season would be the last, Comedy Central issued a clarifying statement declaring that South Park had, in fact, been renewed for two more seasons, taking the show through 2013, though the number of episodes for these seasons is not known at this time.

The Inbetweeners - In September 2009, Beesley and Morris confirmed that a film had been commissioned by Film4. The plot will revolve around the four boys, now eighteen years old, going on holiday to Malia, Crete. It will be in cinemas in the UK on 17th August 2011 with a wider release planned later in the year.

The IT Crowd - A fifth series has been commissioned.

The Office (US) - The series has completed its seventh season, which was lead actor Steve Carell's final season on the series. Despite this, NBC renewed the series for an eighth season on March 17, 2011 which is currently airing.

30 Rock - On November 15, 2010, NBC announced 30 Rock had been renewed for a sixth season, which is set to air at the beginning of 2012, due to Tina Fey's pregnancy.

Community - On March 17, 2011, NBC renewed Community for a third season, which premiered on September 22, 2011.

True Blood - On August 11, 2011, HBO announced that True Blood was renewed for a fifth season of twelve episodes to air in summer 2012. However, although Alan Ball signed a multi-year contract with HBO in July 2011, he has only agreed to produce the show for the fifth season. Despite this agreement, Ball has stated that he has no desire to leave the show.

Weeds - Seventh season just aired. Although they had plans to renew the show for an eighth season, it is revealed that weeds will not be back in the summer of 2012.

Dexter - The sixth season started airing Oct 2, 2011.

Breaking Bad - On August 14, 2011 AMC announced that Breaking Bad had been ordered for a fifth and final season consisting of 16 episodes that may be split over 2 seasons.

Game of Thrones - The series was picked up for a second season on April 19, 2011, two days after its premiere.

The Walking Dead - Based on its reception, AMC renewed the series for a second season of 13 episodes to debut on October 16, 2011.

Real Time With Bill Maher - HBO has picked up talk show Real Time With Bill Maher for a 10th season.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart / The Colbert Report - Stewart’s contract extension with COMEDY CENTRAL will keep him at the helm of “The Daily Show” through June 2013. He will continue to serve as executive producer, writer and host. Colbert’s extension will keep him and “The Colbert Report” at the all-comedy channel through the end of 2012.


American Dad! - American Dad! was officially renewed for a seventh season, bringing the series through the 2011-2012 season.

How I Met Your Mother - On March 4, 2011, CBS announced that the show had been renewed for two more seasons, with the seventh season premiering with back to back episodes in September, 2011.

Underbelly - Underbelly: Razor is a 13-part Australian television mini-series detailing real events that occurred in Sydney between 1927 to 1936. The series depicts the 'razor gangs' who controlled the city's underworld during the era and the violent war between the two "vice queen" powers, Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh.

Mad Men - Weiner has signed on to produce two more seasons, starting in 2012.

Sons of Anarchy - On October 7, 2010, Sons of Anarchy was renewed for a fourth season and is airing now.

The Cleveland Show - Shortly after the second season of The Cleveland Show aired in 2011, Fox renewed the series for a third season.

Misfits - A third series of eight episodes has been announced

Wilfred (US) - It was picked up for a second season on August 6th.

Futurama - It was announced, in March 2011, that Futurama has been renewed for a seventh season, consisting of at least 26 episodes, scheduled to air in 2012 and 2013.

Workaholics - The show was renewed for a second season to have ten episodes which are airing now.


Peep Show - The show's seventh series (broadcast late 2010) makes it the longest-running sitcom in Channel 4 history. On 17 December 2010 it was confirmed that the show had been renewed for both an 8th and 9th series, but that they wouldn't be aired until at least mid-2012 due to the writers being busy with other projects.

That Mitchell and Webb Look - The fourth series premiered on BBC Two and BBC HD on 13 July 2010 with a total of 6 episodes commissioned by the BBC.

The Simpsons - Fox has renewed The Simpsons for a 23rd season of animated adventures, taking it through its landmark 500th episode (specifically, it takes the show up to episode 515).

Benidorm - On 14 April 2011, almost a week after series 4 had finished, ITV announced that Benidorm will return for a fifth series, due to start shooting in the summer, with Derren Litten returning to write some of the new series.

Parks and Recreation - In March 2011, NBC announced Parks and Recreation had been renewed for a fourth season, which is airing now.

Hung - On September 2, 2010 it was announced that HBO had ordered Hung for a third season consisting of 10 episodes which premiered October 2, 2011.

Modern Family - A third season was ordered by ABC on January 10, 2011.

Boardwalk Empire - The series was immediately renewed for a second season on September 20, 2010.


Jersey Shore - A fourth season, set in Italy is airing currently.  MTV confirmed in June 2011 that Season 5 will return to Seaside Heights.

Information and pictures sourced from Wikipedia and additions and commentary made by me.

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