Sunday, August 27, 2006

TV Shows I'm Looking Forward To

As you can probably guess from the picture I've chosen for the entry the show I'm most looking forward to is Lost's new season. Left is the show's Season 3 promotional picture.

Below is a list of shows I'm looking forward to in there USA TV Fall premiere dates. Weeds and Prison Break have already aired but I thought I'd lump em' on the list so you can get the gist of shows I'm into.

The full list of Fall 2006 Premiere dates can be found at Metacritic. It's a great list.


Weeds 8/14 Showtime
Prison Break 8/21 Fox

Family Guy
9/10 Fox

The Simpsons 9/10 Fox
American Dad 9/10 Fox
Animation comedies are right up my alley along with South Park so naturally I'm a big fan of the above three even if I'm somewhat tiring of The Simpsons. With The Sopranos as guest stars this season I think I'll be watching.

Survivor: Cook Islands
9/14 CBS

One of the two reality shows I like.

The Amazing Race
10 9/17 CBS
The other reality show I like.

My Name is Earl
9/21 NBC

Earl Hickey is my hero.

Heroes 9/25 NBC

New show that I thought I would give a chance.

9/28 CW
I'm not so much a fan of the movies as I am the teen version. I think it's cool but I hate it when it goes all freak of the week on me.

Everybody Hates Chris
10/1 CW

I occasionally watched this and probably will again.

10/4 ABC
My favourite on air show at the moment closely followed by that darned crime family The Sopranos. I just really like this one. Some people get sick of it but I hang on it.

South Park 10/4 Comedy Central
Loved South Park since it's first episode and it's had a special place in my hear ever since. It's going to be ending soon so I'm gonna soak it up while it lasts.

And Futurama on straight to DVD release, The Sopranos on HBO in 2007 as well as Scrubs on NBC when it is released for it's sixth season.

Well that's all from me. Peace.

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