Thursday, August 24, 2006

Welcome to The Entertainment Fiend

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog about pretty much anything that interests me. For those of you who don't know what interests me allow me to introduce myself. I am Zachary and I'm an Australian with heavy interests in things that entertain. Case in point, I currently get my kicks from TV, Film, DVD's, Games of an electronic nature, Music and Reading material (covering a manner of things including books, newspapers, magazines and stuff that I absorb from the internet). I also hold an interest in current affairs and technology. I love to write so it's not much of a hassle for me to write a blog. I seem to enjoy it. I've had a blog before but it got too personal and I became very self involved. I was letting confidential information out into the wild. This time it's gonna be all about the entertainment, tech and current affairs with my own little touch of the detales of things I like. I'm also gonna have a bank balance and keep track of my spending on the site so I can hopefully improve it. This blog is pretty much going to be very therapeutic as I get stuff off my chest and if anyone feels like reading what comes from my mind to my fingers than that is fine as well. I've also put a donation button on the side of the page if anyone likes my style of writing or the subject matter. I've got what i'm saving for on the sidebar so if you want to help me you can. I just thought I'd address it. Another reason it's there is because I'm quite poor and work in retail and it pays shit all. Can somebody say desperation?

Well let's get down to business. What have I been entertained by? What have you been entertained by lately? Please share it in the comments because I'd love to hear some reccomendations. I bought the first five seasons of The Sopranos on DVD about a month ago for $31.20 each and haven't looked away from the screen since watching the first three seasons in a snap. Highly reccommend this show. I also bought 3rd Rock From The Sun and although I haven't been watching it as much as The Sopranos it's still there for later viewing. I haven't really been playing many games lately because it's the time of year where not much comes out. I'm a strategy, sports and RPG kinda guy and there hasn't been that much out there for me. New stuff that is. I've been playing lots of FIFA 2005 multiplayer with my brothers and friends. Post World Cup fever. Bookwise I've been reading The Warren Buffet Way. I'm half-way through and although it's heavy reading I'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. I don't undertsnad some of the jargon but I get the gist of it. Melodically, my ears have been atuned to the following songs on rotation The Killers - When You Were Young, Starky - Hey Bang Bang, Snow Patrol - Hands Open. Great songs. Did I mention I also have an iPod mini (retired model I know but I still dig it.)? I like to listen to music on trips and before I go nigh nighs but podcasts have been what I've had in my ears lately. The main podcasts I listen to are gaming themed so it may not interest all of you but these are the ones: Gamespot presents The Hotspot, IGN Gamescoop!, 1UP Yours and PC Gamer Podcast. Well that's about all entertainment wise for now.

I just wanna share with you a podcast I listen to about current affairs called Hack. If you don't live in Australia you can catch it as a podcast on iTunes. Just search for Hack Triple J because I don't know how to do links yet.

Stay tuned because I have plenty more planned for this blog and lots more to share with everyone. Till next time, peace.

Also, one last thing I was feeling lucky today so I bought a lottery ticket for $10. Usually I don't buy into these but whenever I'm low on cash I just seem to buy into these things as an easy way out. Next time: Will Zachary win the lottery and be able to kick his shitty retail job? Will the $40 odd in his bank account explode into $4,000,000. Not very likely. But we'll see.

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